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Single session therapy is becoming increasingly popular. It can help an individual concern that needs to be addressed, rather than it developing into a larger more complex issue. 


Through early intervention and the power of 'Now', a single session can help someone explore their concerns and develop a personal goal with an aim to reach a conclusion by the end of our session together.

Typical single session conserns can include:

  • Exam/Interview anxiety

  • Post covid 19 social re-integration anxiety

  • Feelings of guilt

  • Self worth issues

  • Reoccurring nightmares

  • Reducing phobia anxiety

  • Imposter syndrome


Single sessions are primarily arranged from between1 to 3 hours, but further sessions are available if the client feels they need to extend their time with me.  

Single Session prices:

£40 - 1 hour

£75 - 2 hours

£110 - 3 hours


If you would like to hear more about Single session therapy, please feel free to contact me.


Tel: 07553 960524