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Please read and sign the contract for our low-fee online counselling

Low-Fee Counselling Contract

Contract between you (the client) and Libra Counselling & Training.

I agree that I understand that wherein this contract, I (the Client) is referred to as 'me' or 'I' or 'your'.

I agree that I understand that the Counsellor I may see may be a Trainee Counsellor on placement with Libra Counselling & Training.

I agree that I understand that the Counsellor assigned to me will be closely monitored by a fully qualified Counselling Supervisor.

I agree that I understand that Libra Counselling & Training will report to the necessary authorities any indication of a violation of the following acts:

1.Any abuse of a minor in accordance with the Children's Act 1989/2004,

2.The Terrorism Act 2000,

3.The Drug Trafficking Act 1994 and any subsequent legislation,.

4.Significant risk of harm to self or there is a significant risk of harm to others.

This list is not limited and can include any significant infringements of the law where the Counsellor or Libra Counselling & Training are made aware. 

I agree that I understand that should I be issued a Trainee Counsellor, they may be required to write a case study as part of their work. If consent is given, all client work is anonymised. 

I agree that I understand that I will not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during my sessions, unless it is prescribed medication.


Access to the information held by Libra Counselling on it’s clients: Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EN) 2016/79. Under the terms of the GDPR we are required to inform you, as a client, of the data we hold which identifies you personally and whether and how this is accessible to you. 

The information we hold is kept confidentially, and is only accessible to the people who need to know in order for us to run the service, i.e. Counsellors and/or Reception staff. All members sign a Non Disclosure Act (NDA) upon joining Libra Counselling & Training. Any breach of this NDA, is reported.

The records we hold on individual clients are in three parts:

1.Clients approaching us are asked to provide names and contact details.

2.Initial notes taken by the Counselling Coordinator, which are assessed and passed to the Counsellor.

3.Counsellors normally keep confidential counselling records which are only accessed by them. These notes are their thoughts, understanding, perceptions and feelings on the sessions they undertaken with you and are used as memory aids by them.                         

Your notes will be held by your counsellor and these will be securely held for approx seven years to meet insurance guidelines. They will then be appropriately disposed of by the counsellor. Any request by a client to see these notes should be made to:  The Counsellor Assessor,

Libra Counselling & Training will then make contact with the counsellor. Any request by any other person (e.g. family member or outside bodies) will be refused unless we have your permission in writing to release such information, otherwise it is only if a court order has been issued that these records would be made available.

All information regarding your identity will be held in the strictest of confidence at all times.


Please ensure each payment is made by bank transfer at least 48 hours before your agreed session time. If the payment is not received your session is not confirmed. Libra Counselling & Training does not take payment via debit card, credit card or any other card payment. 

Please make payment as a bank transfer via online banking or smart phone app, to:

Bank: Mettle Bank   Name: Paulsanderscoaching Ltd  Acc: 32318721  Sort Code: 23-69-72    (This is a business account)

If you need to cancel a session, we must be notified with at least 24 hours notice where possible. If you cancel within 24 hours of your session, we will reschedule the missed session over to the following week. If you still do not attend that session, then payment for the missed session will be forfeit. In the event that the counsellor is unable to attend the session through cancellation/sickness within the 24 hours, paid monies will carry over to the following session or be extended past agreed end date.

Block payments for the full 15 sessions can be taken via bank transfer. Payment must be made 48 hours of the agreed first session commencement date. If your therapy ends before the agreed end date of 15 sessions by your counsellor, any remaining paid monies will be refunded. If you wish to cancel any remaining unused sessions, you must do so via the agreement of your counsellor. 

Any remaining paid monies will be refunded to you.


I agree that I understand that Libra Counselling & Training will not hold any session notes from my time with a Counsellor. 
All note taking is strictly confidential and remains between the Counsellor and Client. 

I agree that I understand that it is my responsibility to notify my Counsellor if I am unable to attend my session at least 24 hours prior, if possible.

I agree that I understand that payment must be made at least 48 hours before my session to secure the session.

I agree that I understand that if I miss two consecutive sessions, the Counsellor may terminate my counselling agreement.

I agree that I understand that initially, I will receive up to 15 online sessions.

I agree that I understand that failure to pay for my session will result in the termination of my contract with Libra Counselling & Training.

I have read, understood and agree to all of the above. 

I understand that typing my name will be accepted as my signature:

Sign Here

Thank you for signing.

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